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Newsletter #96

Hello, In this Issue you will find...

2015 should be another great season for trout and salmon in the Oswego area.
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We highly recommend the Quality Inn in Oswego, NY for lodging. You'll find excellent diners and restaurants there.
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Crazy Warm Winter Means Early Spring Fishing  

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The recent warm spell in the North Country is great news for Fish Doctor Charters anglers fishing in April. On the morning of Feb. 28 would you believe the air temp in Oswego, NY at 46 degrees was two degrees warmer than the 44 degrees we were looking at in Chesterfield, SC?

This warm February weather in northern New York has had a huge impact on water temp in Lake Ontario and the Oswego River. Oswego Harbor, photo left, and Lake Ontario have been ice free for weeks. There is no snow cover anywhere in central New York.

On March 1 the water temp in the Oswego River climbed to over 38 degrees. Compare that with the average winter when the temp of the Oswego on this same date is just above freezing and the harbor locked in with ice. In 2015, my charter boat could not be launched until April 10 because Wright’s Landing and Oswego Marina were locked in with ice.

Also on March 1 surface water temp of Lake Ontario at the Rochester weather buoy was 38 degrees, a two degree rise in the past two weeks. Further east in mid-lake northwest of Oswego, satellite imagery showed 39 degrees,that compared to the winter of 2014-15 when the lake was 80% ice covered.

Yes, winter storm Riley is on the way with a forecast for rain mixed with wet, heavy snow in the Oswego watershed. Even so, with water temperatures this no snow pack in the Oswego watershed, and the extended weather forecast for March predicting average or above daily highs, Fish Doctor anglers will be on the water in early April enjoying what should be some fantastic early spring fishing.

One Week Advance in Fish Doctor Season Opener  
Originally, because of the bitter cold early winter weather, we scheduled our first charter trip of the season on Saturday, April 4. However, because of the warm spell in February, the lack of snow in the Oswego River watershed, and the higher than normal water temperature of Lake Ontario and the Oswego River, we are now planning to start fishing a week earlier on Saturday, April 8.

This gives us an additional full week of openings from April 7-13 for any of you who would like to jump onboard and wet a line.

Photo right, the Fish Doctor sits alone in Oswego Marina on April 10..., lots of elbow room out there in April!

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New 2018 Michigan Stinger Colors  

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Check out the new Stinger patterns for 2018. All but one of them are UV. Some are hot colors and destined to take steelhead and cohos in clear water or kings and browns in turbid or deep water. Some of the UV colors should be deadly on spring browns, kings, and lakers in the turbid water plume of the Oswego River, where many Fish Doctor anglers have enjoyed some great fishing in the past.

A couple patterns are takeoffs of the Frost Byte, a deadly black/green UV Stinger pattern that has proven itself for browns and kings aboard the Fish Doctor for several years.

You’ll see these new Stinger colors in the jaws of trout and salmon aboard the Fish Doctor beginning in early April this season.

Pro-Troll’s New Pro-Flash Flasher With a Water Activated Blinking Light  
Last year, Pro-Troll, famous for it’s Pro-Chip flasher and EChip technology, introduced The Pro-Flash flasher, the most innovative trolling flasher on the market. It is the first of it’s kind with a patented water activated blinking light, plus it carries the same EChip as the ProChip flasher.

In August, 2018, when Pro-Troll sent me samples of the Pro-Flash to test for trout and salmon in Lake Ontario, I was skeptical? A blinking light? What would fish think of that? It didn’t take long to find out.

On a sunny afternoon in early August I dropped a chartreuse 8” Pro-Flash trailing a home tied Pretty Jane fly into the depths. 15 minutes later that rod fired and a Fish Doctor angler was tangling with a chrome silver king as line peeled from the drag of an Altum 20 reel. That king was the first fish of many, kings, cohos, brown trout, and a trophy Atlantic salmon, that were caught on the new Pro-Flash flasher the rest of the 2017 season.

The effectiveness of Pro-Flash flashers was summed up in an email I received late in the season from a fellow charter captain. In it, he asked, “Would you happen to have any of the 11” green lighted protrolls? None of the shops have them in stock, if you have some lying around, name your price.”

Enough said.

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