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Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Fishing..., July Report
Multispecies Bonanaza
Atlantic Salmon

Hopefully, one day soon, there will be many Atlantics in Lake Ontario like this one, boated in June, 2016.

We never catch a lot of Atlantics, but when we do it's a special treat.

Brown Trout

Midsummer is always a great time to catch brown trout.

Ryan from Texas with a hook-jawed male brown trout he boated on July 8.

King Salmon

Dave Brown and Angela and their son Alex limited out on king salmon and steelhead on the afternoon of June of June 24.

Here today, gone tomorrow most of the season, it's just about time king salmon start to stack up on their way home to Mexico Bay and the Salmon River.

Lake Trout

Thanks to NYSDEC's renewed lake trout management effort, the Lake Ontario lake trout population is healthy, abundant and beginning to reproduce naturally.

Steve from Virginia with a nice lake trout he b oated on June 29.


Alex Brown with his first steelhead ever.

When the alewives moved inshore in late June, the steelhead followed them and stayed inshore for two weeks producing some unusual inshore steelhead fishing.

Read our Fishing Hotline Archives:
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