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Browns on Jitterflies
A Deadly Fish Doctor Item for Late Summer Browns
Glow Green/Glow Green

A late season brown on a flat, sunny day hita glow green chip trailed by a glow green Shakey(Jiterfly)

The same flasher/jitterfly combos that catch kings catch browns.

The Pretty Jane Jitterfly

Deadly behind either a stock chartreuse chip in high sun with a chip, not only for browns, but also lakers, kigs, and steelhead.

A pretty Jane Shakey puts a nice brown in the boat for this youngster.

Another Shakey Brown

Ditto on the same trip for the same kid, Pretty Jane strikes again!

Way to go, young man!

Color Combos, Kings = Browns

If it works for kings it will work for browns in same conditions.

Another brown, thisone on a green chip and glowgreen jitterfly.

A High Sun Favorite

Browns, kings, Atlantics, steelhead, lakers and cohos have all fallen prey to Pretty jane Jitterflies aboard the Fish Doctor.

In high sun when it's flat,fish a double glow 8" chip with a Pretty Jane Jitterfly. If it's choppy in high sun, fish a stock silver/glow chip..., DEADLY!

Read our Fishing Hotline Archives:
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