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Fish Doctor Gear That Works
Up to 41 Years of Use Aboard the Fish Doctor on L. Ontario
Salmon Tracker Weights

The STs pictured are 8 lb. decoy weights used for musky trolling. These are originals purchased in the early 1970s from the Supe Salmon Tracker downrigger weight company in Florida.

These 12 lb. salmon tracker weights are are Fish Doctor favorites because they track well and can be tuned to run port and starboard, avoiding tangles when used in deep water. Deep? Yup, with Penn riggers spooled with 600' of cable, kings have been taken as deep as 350'.


These boards easily haul 3 long copper sections port and s'bd up to 150 out. With the addition of styrofoam flotation 3 yrs. ago, they will handle even the roughest water.

Got to boards for running copper.

Penn Fathom 25

The only reel used on the Fish Doctor for fishing 2,3,4,5,and 7-color lead core sections backed with braid.

The finest lead core reel I've ever used.


A lot of different scents work, but a combination of Pro Cure herring oil and Smelly Jelly salt anchovy paste are my favorite.

Makes Mr. Salmon go..., mmm, mmm!

Sushi Fly Hardware

Sushi Flies..., a regular aboard the Fish Doctor.

The fine brass wire is tied wrapped on underneath the snell and used to wrap bait strips inside a fly.

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